Guarantee policy for LED Luminaires from LEDVANCE

1. Guarantee Period and Products

LEDVANCE offers a guarantee for its following LED Luminaires for a period of five years:
Panel LEDs, Damp Proof LEDs, Damp Proof Housing, High Bay LED, Floodlight 90W and more.

Moreover, LEDVANCE offers a guarantee for its following LED Luminaires for a period of three years:
Downlight LEDs, Spot LEDs, Spot-DK LED, Spot-FP LED, Linear LED, Surface-Circular LED, Floodlight < 90W.

The products covered by the 5-Year and the 3-Year Guarantee are listed here:

2. Conditions

  • No registration is required.
  • The Guarantee period starts from the invoice date of the end user but in no case later than 6 months after production date and is based on a usage of max. 4,000 hours/year.
  • The granted guarantee only covers LEDVANCE luminaires and accessories as delivered in the original LEDVANCE packaging
  • The Guarantee only applies when the luminaires are used within the allowed specifications (according to the datasheet) and if the luminaires have been installed, put into operation and used professionally (according to the enclosed user instruction). Limits of temperature values (reference temperatures at the luminaires), switching cycles and voltage values may not be exceeded.
  • The Guarantee applies only in case of a total failure exceeding the standard failure rate of 0.2% per 1000 operating hours
  • LEDVANCE reserves the right to decide on the validity of a Guarantee claim. For this purpose, the customer must return any defective luminaires, with sufficient postage, for analysis (enclosing a copy of the delivery note or the invoice).
  • In case of complete failure (not only failure of single chips) exceeding the standard failure rate, LEDVANCE will replace these luminaires free-of-charge or issue a credit note for luminaires which have demonstrably failed due to a material or manufacturing error during the Guarantee period. Other claims like including without limitation labor costs, compensation of damages or lost profit are not covered under this guarantee.
  • Due to both technical improvements and change of the luminous flux of the products during standard use, there can be variations for the specifications of the replacement compared to the original product.
  • Statutory guarantee claims shall not be affected by this Guarantee and shall apply independent from and in parallel.
  • This Guarantee only applies in the EU. Guarantee claims will be handled by the local LEDVANCE office in the relevant country.
  • To start the claims process please start here

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